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Catching Up Since the last Blog!

Hey everyone! I am not sure how so many people find time to blog all the time. I definitely admire them for keeping their blogs up to date! Just wanted to catch you up with what I have been doing since the last blog in August 2018! lol I am terrible at this. It's been way to long. I'll try to get better at posting more often!

2018 was filled with so many Incredible photoshoots and magazine publications and overall just meeting some new great people to shoot with!

I seemed to have worked with this awesome model quite a bit the last part of 2018! She is an incredible model and great person to be around! She can make anything look fierce! Her name is Ashley Horrocks! Same model from my last blog about the back to school looks! You can find her on IG @cheri_xo_official

Another model I have been working with a lot is Elisa Saurette! Girl knows how to pose! This was my first shoot with her and after this shoot we became good friends! She has a good heart and can talk to anyone at all unlike my shy self! I love being around her positive energy and incredible social skills haha!

You can find her on IG @elisaurette33

We have had a few publications in magazines with our shoots together. We made it into Femme Magazine, Faddy magazine, and Imirage Magazine! Thanks for being fierce in front of my camera and a good friend Elisa! She even set up a table for me for my birthday at Dave and Busters! When I got there she had balloons and all the fun birthday things set up at the table! Such a sweet thing to do that no one has ever done for me before!

I have been doing photography meetups for over 9 years now! I have 2 groups! One called SoCal Fashion Photoshoots and the other called Salt Lake City Fashion Photoshoots! This was a meetup as well as collaboration with the brand SOOM SOOM by designer Rosie Banchero Rosie is great! Her designs are fun and the fabrics are from Africa!

The Underwater shoot with SLC Fashion Photoshoots was such a cool experience. It was quite difficult because of lighting and shooting through Huge Aquarium tanks but I think some magical photos came from this shoot!

For Halloween, Salt Lake city Fashion Photoshoots did a creepy doll meetup! Model: Ashley Horrocks

Then there was a publication: Published: Indulge Magazine New York City @indulge_magazine_nyc Designer: Antonella A CommatteoModel: Anastasia Mitr Photographer: Tawny HortonMUAH: Nadia Ivanova. I cant find the photos on my computer right now for some reason but here is a peek from instagram:

Oh... This LA Rooftop shoot... lol So many stories! I don't have time to write it all out but if you want to hear more of the stories of what happens at some shoots please follow me over on IG @TawnyHorton or over on Facebook!

Designs by the wonderful viktoriia vlasenko

I was hired by brand Illusions Lab to get some photos of her designs and this shoot could not have gone better! It was just one of those days where everything was on point! The designer is definitely one of my favorite designers to work with. She is so nice and chill and her designs are so unique! I recommended model @brookelinbackus for this shoot and she was perfect! I could not have asked for a better model for this one! I seriously wish all shoots could go this well! But... then i would not have so many entertaining stories ;) lol

We also got the Front Cover of Surreal Magazine from this shoot!

Christmas Starlet! Editorial in New Face Magazine Dec issue 2018

with Ashley Horrocks

And of course a Christmas Party meetup!!

This was a shoot for VOXN clothing company! I love when I am able to choose the whole team such as MUA and model because I know it will be a great shoot! Model: Paris Warner, MUA: Myke Dy

And last but not least to wrap up 2018 I was able to go to Universal Studios for Christmas Eve! It was magical! I used to go to Universal practically everyday when I was a teenager and it just felt so good to be back and see all the incredible changes they have made!

Anyways, stay tuned for more Catching Up Blogs for 2019 soon!

Always remember to Smile and Shine!!


Just me and my Husband in Hogwarts! hehe!

Mom and Me!

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