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COVER of NEW FACE Magazine!

I have been shooting for New Face Magazine for a little over a year now and have a few covers and editorials already published but this was a special one for me. Chele, the editor in chief of New Face, told me she wanted a Sizzling photoshoot for July 2018 and I decided to take that literally! I decided to ask one of my favorite Models Alexis Ramos to shoot this Cover with me. I have known Alexis for about 6 years now. I met her when she was only 16 years old! I saw great potential in her and we worked together often. I consider her one of my best friends. We would often talk about being published together in magazines. And WE DID IT! Feels good when you have dreams and Goals and they come True!

When Chele said she wanted Sizzling - I knew Alexis and I could pull this shoot off together for sure! Luckily she was on board with this shoot!

My idea was to heat out to the Salt Flats and bring a HUGE block of Ice to sizzle on the Hot Salt Ground. I was unable to get such a huge block of Ice in such a short time so I brought a small block with me.

Alexis definitely looked Sizzling out there!

Rachel Cash was the designer/ stylist for this shoot! She did an incredible job! I told her what I was envisioning and she put several looks together for us. This was the first time I worked with Rachel and I was impressed! I can not wait to Rock more photoshoots with her!

Alexis is Incredible to work with! She is fun, chill, fierce and knows how to pose!!! She makes my job easy.

You can check out the article on Alexis Ramos in the July 2018 Issue of New Face Magazine

H/MUA: Meshech Cheney

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